"Magical DJ Entertainment For Life's Celebrations!"


Most of our life is spent working; most of our fun is when we're celebrating. Make your celebration perfect with professional entertainment that makes all the difference: Sounds In Motion.

Sounds In Motion will meet and exceed your expectations. Anything less diminishes your wedding! What will you get from us? Quality. What does this mean? There are no surprises -- only fun -- brought to you by professionals who care about you and your guests. We offer something very simple: the professional difference. It is the difference that ensures that the level of fun goes beyond your imagination! Now that's a pleasant surprise!

Exceeding Expectations....One Wedding At A Time!

Office + Planning = Perfect Wedding

Yes, it's that easy!

We will meet with you prior to your wedding to plan out all of your details in our office. Our time together will ensure your wedding will go as planned. From the moment you step into the office until the last song is selected, we will guide you through a perfect wedding itinerary.

Weddings are our specialty.....we do more than 250 weddings a year!

Don't settle for just any DJ! The DJ can make or break your reception! Choose wisely!