About Us

Sounds In Motion Is...


       roud. We love what we do and are proud of our profession!


       eliable. We do what we say we're going to do.


       n-time. We show up when we say we'll be there.


       un. You and your guests will have the time of your life because we know how to make celebrations, dances, and special events fun!


       xcellent. We strive to be the best we can be. We care and you and your guests will feel it.


       tate-of-the-art. Sound is stunning. Volume is controlled to meet your expectations.


       incere. We sincerely want your celebration to become a legendary event, one that is remembered longingly down through the ages.


       ntegrity. We are honest in all of our business dealings.


       ffice. The only disc jockey company in the entire valley, from Stockton to Merced, that offers brides the comfort of a private, professional office to consult and plan your event from start to finish!


       onconformist. Do you want an entertainment company that follows the crowd -- or one that innovates? Do you want your party to look like everyone else's? Our company strives to make every event stand out as a distinctive event.


       ttentive to detail. A hundred little things need to be handled. We handle them for you so you can relax. We've got you covered!


       oyal. Our clients are wonderfully loyal to us, and we are loyal to them. Loyalty is something that is earned: by delivering on our promises; by surpassing your expectations; and by being pleasant, professional, and easy to work with.